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Two Guys walk into a polling place to vote for one of only two candidates…

• The First Guy pulls the lever for the candidate that is a proven corrupt, life-long politician.
• The Second Guy pulls the lever for the candidate that is a successful businessman that has never been a politician.

Who’s the Idiot?

By the way, if you get the answer wrong my friend, you too are an idiot.

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I have never seen a group of, so called, Americans put on such a pathetic display as the people on the left following the bona fide defeat of Hillary Clinton in the Presidential election. Before the election they were arrogantly boasting how Hillary was going to destroy Trump, all the while, ignoring the massive crowds of Americans that were flocking to Trump’s rallies. Then after the results came in and it became evident that Trump was going to win, the left insisted on a recount – that didn’t work out for them so they cried out that Trump wasn’t the legitimate President because he didn’t win the popular vote when, if it had not been for one state, California, he would have easily taken the popular vote. (By the way, that’s why our very wise forefathers established the electoral college so that one or two larger states could not choose who would be President for the entire country.) So, that scheme, by the left, fell flat too.

Still literally crying and grasping at straws, the Clinton voters went after the members of the electoral collage and begged them to change their votes and not do their American duty which is to cast their votes for the winner of each state. Again, they failed but refused to see the writing on the wall. They pulled out the race card, as they do every time they have no true issue to complain about. Then they instructed young people that they have brainwashed through the mainstream media, a liberal ally, to take to the streets and proclaim that Trump and his supporters are all racists and deplorable people – of course these are more false accusations. (Truthfully, those that falsely proclaim certain people to be racists simply because they disagree with them are actually race baiters – making them the true racists.) And now, the liberals are actually trying to blame Russia on Hillary’s defeat! It couldn’t be because Hillary Clinton is a life-long, proven corrupt politician that has a problem telling the truth and she was up against a successful business man that had never been a politician could it? (Just a thought to ponder – watch for a light to come on!)

All this is childish, pathetic, divisive, and dangerous behavior that these people are pursuing, all the while, irresponsibly teaching their, and our, children an example of bad adult behavior. Talk about spoiled whining crybabies – it’s time these people on the left put on their ‘big people pants’, get real, grow up and move on. The election is over so, as Americans and regardless of who you voted for, we (that includes individuals in the mainstream media) owe Trump a chance as our new President just the same as Obama was given 8 years ago.

As for the group of celebrities that continue to trash Trump and his millions of American supporters – how stupid do you have to be to insult half of the people that have supported you and what you do over the years. They’re called ‘fans’ you idiots – without them there is NO YOU and you’d have to get a real job like the rest of us. Unbelievable stupidity I tell you.

If you agree with this pass it on…

There are two candidates that have a chance to become the next President of the United States and only two – Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. They are not the greatest candidates we could have but they are the ones we do have. A vote for any of the others on the ballot or writing in a name is a wasted vote. Here’s a couple of the main differences between the two and you won’t see this on the tv news or read it in the newspapers – the mainstream media is too involved in a witch-hunt to bring down one candidate and a coverup to protect the other. It’s really sad what the news media has become, extremely biased in their reporting. For those of you who have not made up your minds, here’s a brief but very important breakdown…

1. HILLARY CLINTON is a life-long politician that is know to have a problem telling the truth. It is also proven that she has been involved in corrupt activities – deleted emails, pay for play, lying about Benghazi, etc. She also talks out of both sides of her mouth depending on her audience and what she wants from them. She is for open borders and bringing in thousands of migrants from Syria – many of whom can not be properly vetted. Clinton also favors raising taxes on the American people.

2. DONALD TRUMP is a life-long businessman and has never been a politician. He’s been at the helm of many businesses, some very successful with hundreds of employees and some he filed bankruptcy on – which is a lawful practice in the business world. He is politically incorrect and, on several occasions, has made sexist statements that are insensitive and even offensive to many. Trump is for building a wall and sealing the southern border and restricting those from certain countries, whom can not be properly vetted, from entering the US. Trump also favors lowering taxes for the American people.

This is not my opinion it is plain and simple truth. They have many more differences but I hope this helps. You decide which candidate you think is best for our country.

Vote Smart People.

In case you’re wondering who I support for President of the United States in 2016…


He’s in favor of smaller government, lower taxes, the Constitution, free market capitalism, sealing the border, abolishing the IRS, building up our military, paying down the deficit, protecting our freedoms and rights, and he is an honorable man. Any questions?

VOTE SMART people.


Ok, my man didn’t make it so I will vote for Trump. Here is one of the reasons…

Trump makes very questionable (even insulting) statements at times but that does not make him a bad person. On the other hand, considering her documented corruptness and many lies, Hillary Clinton IS a bad person – and that’s putting it mildly. She would make a devastating US President.

Attn. Clinton supporters: You can drink all the kook-aid you want (like the mainstream media has done) but that does not change the truth.

Vote for what’s best for the country not for a particular gender or race – VOTE SMART.

Once a crook, always a crook.

Once a crook, always a crook. Is this the best woman the left can come up with? What a sad situation.

Vote smart people.

Ok, Obama was elected for 4 more years. I can’t believe so many people buy what he is selling. For one thing, he said he would not raise taxes on the middle class and guess what? His new term just started and he has already raised taxes on everyone, including the middle class and now he wants to raise them again – are you kidding me? How do you like that smaller paycheck you just received? For those of you that voted for king obama, I hope you are happy with less money and that is just the beginning. The funny thing is, higher taxes will not help the US debt or our economy at all – actually it will hurt our economy because people will now have less money to spend. In order to start fixing the enormous debt that is growing by the day, the Obama administration and congress (both parties) need to stop the spending – which they, at this point, refuse to do. Obama knows this and should be leading the way, as any good president would do, but, as usual, Obama refuses to be a good president and put his country ahead of his own hunger for more power and growing the US government which costs a whole lot of money. You know the saying, “the bigger the government the less freedom”? It’s very true! What is wrong with you Obama Lovas? Are you in the obama fog, are you misinformed, are you ignorant, or are you just stupid? WAKE UP!

And to think that Obama swore to protect and defend the US Constitution – that’s really something for a guy that thinks the US Constitution is just a document that gets in the way of what he wants to do to our wonderful country. This man is not to be trusted. He lies and twists the truth in order to get what he wants. I’m sure he learned that behavior when he was a very young spoiled brat growing up and it has become the norm for him as he marches through adulthood with his dream to be king of the world. Like I said before… WAKE UP!

Of course, in order to wake up you will have to disregard most of what the mainstream media tells you. I don’t know when it started but the mainstream media has become so liberal that they spin everything so it benefits their left wing agenda. Obama is mixed up in two very tragic coverups – “Fast & Furious” & the Benghazi coverup. Both of which include the murder of Americans. Do you every hear from the mainstream media that the American people deserve to know the truth and have their questions answered truthfully? No. They, meaning the President, his administration and the mainstream media, want the Republicans and the US people to forget about both of these tragic events and just move on. Hillary Clinton even said “what difference does it make” regarding the Benghazi coverup and the media just disregarded her unbelievable comment and did nothing. Actually, the mainstream media should be ashamed of themselves for turning what use to be an honorable profession, Journalism, into a joke. I don’t doubt for one minute that Obama would have lost the election if it weren’t for the help leftwing spin of the mainstream media. Now it is up to each one of us to do our own research and find out the truth. You have to dig a little but it’s out there. So, once again I say… WAKE UP!