About the Cyberspace Pilot

I am the Cyberspace Pilot. I roam the vast galaxies of cyberspace in order to awake the sleeping and alert the many wandering sheep. I am not biased for either gender or any particular race, I am an American–I’m concerned for my country. I’m a wartime veteran and patriot. I am politically independent however, I definitely lean to the conservative side but, unlike popular belief, I am not a financially rich person–actually just the opposite. I feel it is my duty, as an American, to express my concerns and speak the truth–something that is hard to come-by these days. If I have yanked your chain, feel free to give me a piece of your mind but you better be able to back it up with real TRUTH not some left-sided fantasy.

  1. Virgil Kempenaar says:

    Mr. cosby, you said it, i am tired with you, nobody listens to me and sadly you either because your world was a fine example of how to do it better if not right.

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