Posted: December 5, 2017 in Cyberspace Pilot - Rants & Raves

POWER is a very addicting and infectious thing, even to the most well-meaning humans. Numerous times good men and good women have been turned to the dark side by the influence POWER has over them once they get a taste of it. The majority of the politicians in Washington DC, on both sides of the isle, make all decisions based on what will result in more power, privilege, and money for themselves and not based on what is best for the people they represent. The only time you’ll hear the politicians actually speak of how he or she will do what’s best for us Americans is when they are running for office. Once they get back into office they revert right back to their self serving ways – they must think we are really stupid to keep voting them back into office even knowing of their addiction to power and filling their own wallets. That is exactly why TERM LIMITS must be mandatory and not just an option because many of us voters are stupid or at least oblivious and keep voting bad, do-nothing people back into office – both sides. It’s like we get hooked on sending the same people back to Washington over and over and expect to get a different result – not gonna happen.

TERM LIMITS for all politicians will stop this never ending cycle of absurdity. We must insist the Term Limit issue be put on the ballot and keep on insisting until it is put on the ballot. The politicians will not do it because of obvious reasons, WE MUST DO IT. It is the best solution to stop the madness!

If you agree, pass it on.


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