Let me make one thing very clear…
Socialism does not help poor people – Socialism helps people become poor.

People (including Bill Gates, Bernie Sanders, etc) that think socialism is a good thing are not paying attention to what’s going on in the world. The taxes in a socialist country are through the roof because the governments of those countries are so huge and fat with frivolous unnecessary programs, regulations, rules, and restrictions. Individualism, gumption and entrepreneurship (dreaming, working and building a better life for yourself) are discouraged in a socialist society and people’s liberty is limited. (Why do you think dictatorships flourish in a socialist society?) These very principles have helped make the United States of America the “land of opportunity” and a great and prosperous nation for 200 plus years.

Compare these socialist countries to the free-market capitalist USA…
China, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam

Also, for those that think Denmark is a wonderful socialist society, the majority of the people there are sick of the outrageous taxes and want change but you won’t hear that from the US mainstream media. (It’s a shame that we can’t get the whole truth from our own news media but that’s another topic for another day.)

About me: I’m not a rich person, as a matter of fact, I live on a tight fixed-income budget. I make things and try to sell them at craft shows to make ends meet. My worst nightmare is trying to survive in a socialist society where people barely have enough money to pay their mortgage let alone come to the craft show and buy my stuff. Seriously, beware people that preach socialism.

  1. ephil08 says:

    We don’t want Socialism. We want democratic socialsim. This prevents people who have alterior motives and still allows the gov’t to get more things done.

    • You can dress it up how ever you want but the truth is that it is still Socialism and that means huge (giant even) government and very high taxes to support that huge government and its many frivolous programs. Socialism is a failed system that tromps on people’s freedoms and treats them more like sheep than intelligent, goal orientated humans. People should be encouraged to dream and work hard to make their dreams come true which, by the way, can happen for any person, regardless of race or gender, in a free market Capitalistic society. As I stated before, the USA is the world’s most successful 200+ year story due, in most part, to the Capitalistic system. This is truth, look it up.

      • ephil08 says:

        We’re saying shorten the loop holes and give money to those who can’t help themselves. That way they can hope just like you want them to. The biggest problem of the failure is what I said, which is that the reason for failure is the people who lead it. I also think it is a little hypocritical to go and say something that helps only the top allows for everybody to dream.

      • If you knew anything about free market Capitalism you would know that it enables everyone, regardless of gender, race, or income, the opportunity to pursue their dreams of a better more prosperous life. Everyone who is willing to work hard to achieve their dream NOT just the 1% or whatever you want to call them. If, however, you are looking for a free handout, there is no such thing. Under Socialism those “free” handouts are paid for by high taxes that are imposed on the people. Our Capitalist system has many programs to help the less fortunate people and encourage them to improve their situation. I know, I have participated in some of those programs myself.

      • ephil08 says:

        right because having to work 92 hours a week in California, 98 hours a week in New York, 97 in Virginia, 89 in New Hampshire, 100 in New Jersey, 101 in Maryland in order to live is “fair.”
        Go Capitalism
        btw the job of the government is to help its people because we don’t want something like the French Revolution in America.

      • Why do liberals have to spin and make up statistics in order to make a point? Truth is always better. By the way, the US is a republic not a monarchy.

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