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Barbaric savagery is a cancer that’s spreading throughout the world—it is time to stand up and eliminate it.  This is a true case of GOOD verses EVIL. ISIS, ISIL (or what ever you want to call them) is one of the Islamic terrorist groups running wild in our world today spreading brutality, torture and murder. They don’t believe in being tolerant of different religious views and/or values like civilized people do. If you don’t agree with their primitive ideology they will kill you—but before they do that they will decapitate your children then rape & murder your wife while you are made to watch. (I’m not trying to scare you but this is the real world and you need to pay attention.) We must go to the ends of the Earth to destroy these evil, cowardly lowlifes – why do you think they cover their faces?

These savages are targeting men, women and children of all religious views, even the Muslims that choose to live in peace & harmony with the rest of the world are in their crosshairs. These terrorists are already in many countries outside the Far East including Europe (including England), Australia, the United States and more. Unfortunately, the ISIS terrorist numbers are growing, believe it or not, due to ISIS propaganda, people (mostly men) from various countries around the world are joining their ranks. (makes you wonder about our humanity)

ISIS (like all terrorist groups) thrives on fear and intimidation. That’s why they video tape ruthless killings of innocent people and post them for the world to see—they want to scare and intimidate good, peace-loving people. They want you to be afraid to oppose them or rise up against them in any way. That’s how they plan on dominating the world—by scaring decent people into being complaisant. However, as horrible and tragic as it is, we must reject their fear and intimidation tactics. The good people of the world need to join together to stomp out this cancer.

Here’s an idea: the “World Army for Freedom & Justice“! (not the United Nations—they have proven to be an insufficient force) This World Army for Freedom & Justice (WAFJ) would consist of highly trained soldiers from each participating country—of course all of the world’s peace-loving countries would be encouraged to get involved because terrorism is a global problem. The WAFJ’s sole mission would be to seek out and destroy all terrorist groups, including but not limited to Islamic terrorist groups, that strive to intimidate, torture and murder innocent people. The WAFJ would be headed by a council of high ranking generals from the participating countries and it would be their duty, through a democratic process, to determine the army’s chain of command and the strategies used to combat and destroy the targeted terrorist groups and only the terrorist groups—not civil war issues. Of course, there would have to be checks in place to insure and maintain the integrity & goodness of the WAFJ.

People way smarter than me will have to make the World Army for Freedom & Justice a reality but if you think I’m on to something, pass it on. One thing for sure, something has to be done and this is my idea to combat the true evil that exists in our world today—not yesterday or tomorrow but TODAY.



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