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When I was a young person I thought our country, the USA, was on a rock-solid foundation and would always be strong and a place for liberty, justice and opportunity for all. I also thought that politicians, from both parties, had the country’s best interests at heart and that what I saw on the TV news and read in the newspaper was accurate and true! Wow… was I stupid and wrong!

Now that I’m older and wiser, I see that our country is really on a very fragile foundation. The USA, with the help of the misinformed voters and the biased liberal media, can be brought to her knees by a single person that rises to power through persuasive yet deceiving rhetoric when really he has a disdain for the US Constitution and our freedom-filled way of life.

That’s the kind of person we now have leading this country, his name is Barack Obama and he is the closest thing to a dictator that the USA has ever had. In spite of the oath he took to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States, it is his desire to disregard that precious document and proclaim it to be obsolete and useless for today’s Americans. He and his Administration have even resorted to vilifying the brave, honorable men that fought, died and founded our United States. (but only the white men—they call them ‘old racist white guys’) The Obama Administration has persisted in turning great words like: ‘christian’, ‘patriot’ or ‘patriotic’ into negative words and anyone that identifies with those words is an enemy to the United States that he, Obama, envisions. The Obama United States is NOT free, NOT prosperous, NOT a place of opportunity—his United States is a place where the government regulates everything, including the internet, with extreme taxes, strict policing and mandatory requirements.

If this isn’t scary enough, approximately half of the people in the United States support this man! If I didn’t know better I would think I was in the twilight zone—it’s unbelievable! ATTENTION AMERICANS!! We need to stop this man and pray we never have another one (man or woman) like him leading our country again—and, in case you’re a race-baiter, I’m not talking about his skin color which is a non-issue with me. If we can’t stop this administration’s insanity it will not end well for the United States of America. VOTE SMART.

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