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Ignore what you hear on tv and read in the newspapers, that’s all biased. This is the simple truth of the major differences between the liberals and the conservatives – honest truth, not just my opinion*. Get out and vote but VOTE SMART.

If you favor

• huge government
• higher taxes
• less concern for the nation’s debt
• more regulations – less individual freedom
• socialist ideals
• less border enforcement & amnesty for illegal immigrants

cast your vote for the liberal candidate.

If you favor

• smaller government
• lower taxes
• more concern for the nation’s debt
• fewer regulations – more individual freedom
• free market capitalism
• more border enforcement & no amnesty for illegal immigrants

cast your vote for the conservative candidate.

NOTE: Voting for or against someone solely because of their race or sex is wrong, (not to mention racist and/or sexist), and an ignorant thing to do. Also, if there are multiple candidates on your side of the major issues, it is wisest to vote for the one that has the best chance of winning. A vote for a candidate that has no chance of winning is not only a wasted vote but a vote for the opposition – VOTE SMART.

* I am a Vietnam veteran and an independent. 

Please print this out and stick it on your frig – VOTE SMART.