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In the past we have had Presidents that have done unsavory, bad things while in office – Nixon & Clinton, just to name two, and the mainstream media was all over it every step of the way and rightfully so. After all, that’s the media’s job, right? As a result of the media’s diligent work, Nixon and Clinton were held accountable for their deeds.

In recent history, I have not heard of a US President doing anything “dishonorable” until now. I am referring to the recent event in Washington DC where barricades were put up around the World War II and Vietnam Veterans’ memorials in order to inflict pain on American veterans and their families by not allowing them access to their own memorials.

The order to close these memorials came from President Barack Obama and he did it in hopes of gaining political points because, he thought, the American people would blame the Republicans for the closing and many uninformed Americans have. Where is the mainstream media you ask? Good question. Keep in mind that these veterans are among our nation’s finest – they have served this country during dangerous, uncertain times with the utmost honor and should be heroes to us all and many of these veterans are now elderly.

These memorials are open-air and normally open 24/7 and have no need what-so-ever to be closed during a government shutdown. As a matter of fact, it cost far more to put up the barricades and hire the guards to block access to these memorials than it does to leave them open.

I don’t know which is worse, the actual dishonorable act of closing these cherished American destinations for political reasons or the mainstream media turning a blind eye to the whole thing. I, for one American, am saddened, sickened, ashamed and appalled that the divide in our country has come to this.

Due to this disturbing action against Americans ordered by Obama and the multiple other scandals this President has been involved in, it is this humble Vietnam veteran’s opinion that Barack Obama should be impeached, kicked out of office, arrested and put on trial for treason. Remember the oath he took swearing to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States? What a joke — the man hates the Constitution. I can guarantee you if Obama was a Republican he would have already been impeached — due to the mainstream media doing their job — but because he’s a Democrat, the news media is no where to be found – disgraceful.