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Our country is very diverse – hence the term ‘melting pot’. From the country’s founding up until, it seems like, twenty or thirty years ago all that diversity was a very good thing. Each different group had their own identity and beliefs but we were all Americans first and there was no “this” American or “that” American. We all honored the US Constitution and wanted what was best to keep the country strong at home and around the world and going in a positive direction. In other words, we were all PRO-America and, it goes without saying, that is a wonderful thing.

That brings us to the present time. It seems that some of the diverse groups (not all) are now pulling our country in deferent directions with no allegiance to the US or the Constitution. Some of the diverse groups living in this country would like nothing better than to see America destroyed from within and turned into something unidentifiable to the rest of us – which has begun to happen. We now have “this” American and “that” American and many people living in our country don’t want to be Americans at all. Even the English language is hard to find in some parts of the United States. How un-American is that?

In my humble opinion, the United States of America is the greatest country to ever exist on this planet. What made our country so great in the first place was each and every diverse group, being legal immigrants (that’s right I said “legal” immigrants) from different parts of the world, pulling together in the same general direction for liberty and equal opportunity with a strong economy through free market capitalism. Those were some of America’s greatest days!

I want those days again – when we were all referred to as “Americans” no matter our color or where we came from. I’m only one old American Vietnam Vet but I’m doing what I can to get our country back on the ‘right’ track before it’s too late. Please spread the word and let’s save our wonderful country! Even the smallest thing could make a difference.