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In the past two weeks there have been two tragic killings, that I’m aware of, of white men by black teens.

First, a 23 year old Australian baseball player was shot in the back as he jogged down the road in Oklahoma. The black guy that shot him was dancing and acting a fool when he was booked in jail. He and his buddies said they were bored and just wanted to kill a (white) guy – the shooter had tweeted before the shooting that he hated white people.

Second, an 88 year old American veteran was attacked and beat to death, in the parking lot of his veteran’s center, by two black teens. The elderly man, known as Shorty, was wounded but survived the battle in Okinawa only to be killed in his own homeland by black teens hunting for white victims.

These are both clearly Hate Crimes as opposed to the Trevon Martin case where Zimmerman, the Latin shooter (called a white man by the media), was acting in self defense and found (according to the FBI investigation) NOT to be a racist which the evidence clearly proved in court. Yet, that didn’t stop the race-baiters from coming out in droves with untrue racial/hate accusations towards Zimmerman and all white people in general.

So, my question is… Where are the race-baiters now? I’m calling out to Oprah, Morgan Freeman, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Chris Mathews, Obama, Eric Holder, etc. AND the mainstream news media… Why aren’t you speaking out now? This is a REAL racial/hate issue that needs to be addressed. It seems they have turned a blind eye to, what appears to be a serious issue… Black Racism/Hate.

By hiding their heads in the sand they are doing great harm to the peace, harmony, and equality efforts in our country and causing a mountain of resentment to grow where there once was none. Especially the news media – what has happened to the national news media? It seems that if it doesn’t help the left wing, the news media will either not report on it or will spin it so that it does favor their liberal bias. Journalism, once a well respected profession, has become a tool for the left to use against the right – shameful, to say the least.

One more thing – To those ignorant people that say black people can’t be racists. That is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard. Racism exists in all races – one more time – Racism exists in ALL races. That’s the real world not the fantasy world of the left.