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I’m in my 60’s and there has never been a Presidential administration as corrupt as the Obama administration, that I’m aware of, during my lifetime. Obama’s administration makes Nixon’s look like a bunch of boy scouts. Of course the mainstream media being liberal, blew up Nixon’s blunder, Watergate, into a major presidential coverup and would not stop until something was done about it which was fine. Watergate was a bad thing that Nixon was involved in and he resigned because of it. That being said, remember no Americans were killed during Watergate – not one. The point is that the news media covered it for the American people and that is what the news media is there for. However, when it comes to Obama and his liberal administration, the news media conveniently forgets what their job is and declines to dig for the truth, let alone write about it – that makes them guilty of looking the other way, failing the American people, and contributing to this administration’s coverups.

Here are a few (but not all) of the Obama Administration’s alleged scandals:
1. Fast & Furious (giving guns to the Mexican drug cartel) – two Americans murdered plus many Mexican citizens killed
2. Benghazi – 4 Americans murdered including the American Ambassador for Lybia
3. Associated Press journalists’ phone lines unlawfully tapped by US Justice Dept.
4. IRS illegally targeted conservative groups

This is a partial list of what is going on with this administration and, as you can see, these scandals are shameful and unacceptable to put it mildly. When asked about these matters, Obama says ‘I knew nothing about it, I will not tolerate it, I will get to the bottom of it’ – that’s it. Hillary Clinton says ‘ What difference does it make’ and Obama’s spokesman says ‘ that was a long time ago’ as if to say ‘forget about it and move on – nothing to see here’. I think Obama believes we are all stupid and will accept anything he tells us. Wrong – this man and his lies are unacceptable. Either we have the most incompetent man ever in the White House or we have the most corrupt man ever in the White House. Which do you think we have?

It’s time to stand up and let our voices be heard. These are dangerous times my friends.

I am just one person but here are two good sites where you can get all the up-to-date info on what’s going on and the truth:


I am so tired of the left calling all the people, that disagree with Obama and his policies, racists. It seems that whenever the liberals want to lash out at the conservatives but have no legitimate reason to they scream racism. First of all, race baiting, which is what these people are doing, is really a racist behavior – which makes those doing it racists. The disagreements the right has with the Obama administration has nothing to do with the man’s race. Americans have had the right to disagree with any president and/or his administration since this great country was founded and, when a large group of Americans feel their country and way of life is in jeopardy, it is their duty to express displeasure.

Also, why would people be discriminating against their own race? Obama is right – he is a black man – however, he is only half right… (drum role please…) the other half of Obama is white! No matter what Obama says he is, he will always be biracial – half black/half white. Nothing wrong with that – it’s just the way it is. To say a white person is against Obama because he’s black is not an accurate statement and that would make the white person an idiot for feeling that way – the same would apply to a black person being called a racist against Obama. I don’t know why this fact is not brought up to the race baiters – maybe it’s politically incorrect – but it should be mentioned to bring those people back to reality and truth.