It seems the more I pay attention to what’s going on in the world, the more I think the liberals need a baby sitter. Let me explain…
The left are like the children of the planet and the right are like the adults. The left lives in a fantasy world. It would be nice if we could have the terrorists over for dinner to iron out our differences and achieve world peace but that’s a fantasy and it could never happen. The right knows that if the terrorists come over for dinner they will have a plan to destroy us the minute we turn out backs. It’s too bad but that’s the way it is – that’s real.
The liberals think that if we outlaw guns for law-abiding citizens there will be no mass shootings or gun violence ever again – another childish fantasy. In the real world that would only make the law-abiding people vulnerable sitting ducks for the bad people who don’t give a damn about the law and would have guns in spite of the left-wing wishes. The adult and real thing to do is to enforce the gun laws we already have, which are many including background checks, tighten access security and put armed guards in schools (and where otherwise needed). Also, the media should stop splashing the madman murderer’s picture and name all over the evening news which only fuels the situation, gives the creep notoriety and instigates copycats. Those are adult things to do that could make a real difference. The last thing we should let Washington do is take away innocent, law-abiding American’s God-given rights that were guaranteed by our forefathers.
Are you getting the picture?
One last thing for this post…
The children of the left think that we should open the border and let all comers into the United States because they are all good people and they would make great, productive citizens of the US. The liberal media even refuses to call them “illegal” immigrants. I guess they haven’t heard of the Mexican drug cartel or the criminal element that always shows up when people are breaking the law. Maybe the liberals should ask the people that live near the border if they have had any problems with illegal immigrants lately? How about your neighborhood? Have you had a rise in crime by latin named people in your area? Of course the media won’t say if they are illegal immigrants but many can’t speak English so what does that tell you? I’m not saying they are all bad because I’m sure most are good people but there is a right (no pun intended) way to enter this country. We have always welcomed “legal” immigrants and will always welcome them. However, this is a nation of laws and if we allow certain people to break our laws while others have to follow them – that’s just irresponsible and asking for chaos. Not to mention a slap in the face of all the wonderful people that have immigrated to this country legally.
I know why the democrats want the border open – they want illegal’s ‘illegal’ votes – how shameful is that? That’s precisely the reason why the left doesn’t want people to have to show a picture ID when they vote. Be aware my friends.

Yes, the children of the left definitely need a baby sitter – we need the adults on the right to take charge.


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