Here is a definition of Racist by a prominent (but not important) white guy…

‘A racist is a white person that thinks he should rule all other races because he thinks other races are beneath him. And, only white people can be racists.’

That is the most ridiculous and untrue thing I have heard lately – it’s an outright lie. First of all, the statement itself is racist and anyone saying that is themselves a race-baiter and a racist.

That was said by the stupid, stupid white racist guy, Chris Matthews.

Anyone that lives in the real world knows that racism exists in all races. There are white racists, black racists, yellow racists, brown racists, red racists, etc. If Matthews would come down out of his ivory tower he would know that. Actually, I think he does know that because no person can be that ignorant and/or stupid – can they? Of course if speaking the truth goes against his ultra liberal agenda (and it does) he will never admit to the true definition of racism. Racism is a bad thing no matter what color the racist person is.

Chris Matthews is a stupid, stupid man.

Stupid, stupid Matthews

  1. Nhan-Fiction says:

    Yes, racism is racism no matter how you slice it. A white person can be a racist. A minority can be racist as well.

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