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Always remember, ALL the politicians are elected to serve us not the other way around. That’s right, they work for us and that includes the President. Does Obama seem to be working for us? It appears to me that he thinks we should be serving him! I know he thinks congress should be serving him and agreeing to everything he wants without question.¬†Our forefathers were very wise men, way wiser that anyone we have in Washington nowadays. That’s why they put in three branches of government so there is a checks and balances and no one man, woman or group would be able to make important decisions on their own and become all powerful like a monarch or dictator. Pretty wise for a bunch of old white guys, wouldn’t you say? (that’s for all the people that have lost all faith and respect in our founding Fathers) It is of the utmost importance that we always maintain this governing process or our country will greatly suffer and we will pay with our freedom. Once a¬†politician is proven to be self-serving in his/her policy making, they should be removed from office without hesitation on the very next voting cycle – that, of course, includes the office, President of the United States.