Dear Obama supporters,

Posted: September 2, 2012 in Cyberspace Pilot - Rants & Raves

No offense but have you been under a rock for the past four years? Open your eyes people – are you in denial? If it wasn’t for Seal Team Six, Obama would have nothing positive on his record as President… nothing.

 However, his negative record is quite impressive…

• unemployment very high (over 8%) / jobs low – 20+ million unemployed

• our economy is in the tank – Obama turned his back on small business & the private sector – the very people that can grow our economy and increase jobs

• our deficit is growing by the minute to astronomical heights – now $16 trillion & headed for bankruptcy

• property values are at an all-time low and gas prices are so high you have to park your car – Obama stopped the Keystone Pipeline project – thousands of jobs and a step toward US energy independence

• race relations have taken a nose dive and liberals race-baiting to promote their agenda

just to name a few of Obama’s accomplishments.

Now Barack Obama gives speeches and runs ads like he’s done something great for our country. If you buy that, I’ve got a vacation paradise for you in Afghanistan!

Want four more years of this madness? You know who to vote for.


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