A Must See – 2016, the movie – IMPORTANT

Posted: September 1, 2012 in Cyberspace Pilot - Rants & Raves
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2016, Obama’a America. This is a must-see for all Americans. It is true – based on Obama’s own words and those close to him. Here is the website for information: http://2016themovie.com

Please wake up America and pay attention to what is going on in our country. We must all stand up for our wonderful, great country and vote on November 6th. Forget about party and vote to save our country from bankruptcy. Vote to save our children from astronomical debt and a life of mediocrity. Vote for the man that can turn this train speeding toward disaster around before it’s too late. This is SERIOUS my fellow Americans. We must do the right thing regardless of party, sex, skin color or religion.

A vote for Mitt is a vote for America and a positive future.

  1. Please vote to remove this monster from the white house! If he succeeds America is finished and the radical muslims (of course all muslims are not bad) will seep into our society and the illegal immigration will drown us!!!

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