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I’m sure you know that the mainstream media leans to the left but did you know that AARP and Politico also lean to the left? Now you do. Be aware my friends.


race-baiting (definition) – The act of using racially derisive language, actions, or other forms of communication in order to anger or intimidate or coerce a person or group of people.

Has the election really come to this? The people that accuse those who disagree with the Obama policies, or lack of policies, with racism should be ashamed of themselves. (Morgan Freeman, Tony Bennett, Whoopy what’s-her-name, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, Bill Maher, Maxine Waters, many celebrities, just to name a few) In my opinion, those that falsely pull the race card in an attempt to slander others are instigating hate and racial tension – committing a hate crime.  First of all, no one seems to mention that Obama is mixed race – half black, half white. So, race-baiting – really? These race-baiters will do anything to get Barack Obama reelected. They can’t talk of his record for the last four years so they have to make up deceitful issues to spread in hopes that some believe them and vote accordingly. Be aware, race-baiters are desperate. Truth is, anyone that votes for a particular candidate because of the color of his/her skin is ignorant and should not be allowed to vote.

• verb – to deny responsibility and cast blame on others:
ex: The politician will obama the bad economy onto the previous administration.
• noun – a person that denies responsibility and casts blame on others:
ex: No doubt about it, that person acts like an obama.

This weak economy will not get any better if the man at the helm (the President) is anti-business and he (the President) has proven that with his actions and words. When small business is successful and providing jobs, the economy grows and people spend money – that makes America strong. Think about it and vote accordingly.

Socialism – enables poverty, stymies human drive and begets poverty. (much of Europe)

Capitalism – enables opportunity, rewards human drive and promotes excellence.

That is our choice this November 6th.

Barack Obama is a socialist – open your eyes and look at his record, which he tries to hide.
Mitt Romney is a capitalist – his record is open for all to see.

No offense but have you been under a rock for the past four years? Open your eyes people – are you in denial? If it wasn’t for Seal Team Six, Obama would have nothing positive on his record as President… nothing.

 However, his negative record is quite impressive…

• unemployment very high (over 8%) / jobs low – 20+ million unemployed

• our economy is in the tank – Obama turned his back on small business & the private sector – the very people that can grow our economy and increase jobs

• our deficit is growing by the minute to astronomical heights – now $16 trillion & headed for bankruptcy

• property values are at an all-time low and gas prices are so high you have to park your car – Obama stopped the Keystone Pipeline project – thousands of jobs and a step toward US energy independence

• race relations have taken a nose dive and liberals race-baiting to promote their agenda

just to name a few of Obama’s accomplishments.

Now Barack Obama gives speeches and runs ads like he’s done something great for our country. If you buy that, I’ve got a vacation paradise for you in Afghanistan!

Want four more years of this madness? You know who to vote for.

2016, Obama’a America. This is a must-see for all Americans. It is true – based on Obama’s own words and those close to him. Here is the website for information:

Please wake up America and pay attention to what is going on in our country. We must all stand up for our wonderful, great country and vote on November 6th. Forget about party and vote to save our country from bankruptcy. Vote to save our children from astronomical debt and a life of mediocrity. Vote for the man that can turn this train speeding toward disaster around before it’s too late. This is SERIOUS my fellow Americans. We must do the right thing regardless of party, sex, skin color or religion.

A vote for Mitt is a vote for America and a positive future.